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Cat litter that actively monitors your cat's urinary system health

Newly released Hematuria Detection Cat Litter by Dog Cat Star has made quite a wave because it is no joke if a cat has urinary system problems, and it is very convenient to monitor it every day using cat litter. We have some customers wanting to know the difference between this and Bioline Health Indicator Cat Litter which has been in the market. See below for simple showdowns of the two talked about cat litter.

Dog Cat Star Hematuria Detection Cat Litter

🩸They have added the "Hematuria Detection particles" to their Envior-probiotic Cat Litter

💦 The Hematuria Detection particles will change color when hemoglobin in urine is detected through an "oxidation reaction". The more hemoglobin in urine, the darker blue the particles will turn.

❌ As it relies on Hematuria Detection particles, it cannot be mixed with other cat litter.

🔜Dog Cat Star will launch "the Hematuria Detection particles" in about August, so cats who have difficulties or stress in changing litter will be able to have more options of cat litter

Bioline Health Indicator Cat Litter

🌿Tofu cat litter, made of decomposable plant-based materials

💊Mainly using the pH of a cat’s urine to show the possibility of the underlying disease, it can be used to indicate the detection before any hematuria symptoms

🏥 Orange or red-colored litter indicates inflammation while green or blue-colored litter may be signs of urinary tract stones

🐈Can be mixed with other cat litter at a ratio of 1:3, which is convenient for cats who use other cat litter such as other mineral cat litter etc., and reduces the stress of changing cat litter.

Feel free to reach out to us on WhatsApp for any questions 📲

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