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BogaProtect Series - Ticks and Flea Repellant (Collar)

12 week protection per collar

Fasten the collar loosely around the cat's neck and shorten excess length. Check the loose fit regularly.

Preventive, it repels fleas and ticks without killing them

Plant-based active substances: Margosa and Geraniol

Excellent protective effect clinically tested and proven

Wash hands after application.

35cm Length

Product benefits and effectiveness

Preventive, repels ticks and fleas without killing them

Plant-based active ingredients: margosa, CO2-extracted (2.5%) and geraniol (2.5%)

Up to 12 weeks long-term protection per collar

Suitable for cats 12 weeks old

*Do not use this collar to tie up your cat.

Bogar bogaprotect Collar for Cats

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