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HYPONIC Chitosan Deodorizer (Oceanic)


Creating an extremely hypoallergenic living environment for you and pets. The deodorizing fragrance spray contains rich chitosan and algae extracts, which can effectively decompose odors, without any harm to humans and animals; Fragrances created by professional perfumers.


What we inhale, penetrate our respiratory system


The ingredients of deodorant spray deodorants funnel through the respiratory systems of both humans and pets. Hence, the use of pure and safe ingredients is our top priority.


  • 100% Naturally AntiBacterial

  • Free of harmful Chemicals

  • (Paraben / Phenoxyethanol / MIT / CMIT)

  • Luxurious Scent Designed By Professional Perfumer

  • Completion of the Non-Toxicity, Anti-Bacterial and Deodorization Tests


Beautiful fragrances created by top-notch perfumers

Enjoy our HYPONIC Keto Acid deodorant deodorizer in two different scents.


Conventional deodorants have a rather dull and pungent scent because they that often are result of using low-quality ingredients.


Our superb deodorizer were developed in collaboration with professional perfumers (whom also are pet owners) under the themes of floral bouquet and the ocean breeze with the concept of “perfume of space” and with an aim and focus for a “longer residual scent”.


HYPONIC focuses on Keto Acid, the natural antibacterial ingredient.


What is Keto Acid?

A natural antibacterial compound.
The chitin from crab and shrimp have the most naturally high molecular elements second to cellulose.
Keto Acid is a natural ingredient that can also be used for artificial skin. It is a natural cationic element in the ecosystem and is easily tolerated by human skin.


How To Use

Just spray to anywhere smelly

  • ​In-door area
  • Wash room
  • Pet's bed
  • Clothes
  • Carpet
  • Carseat

HYPONIC Chitosan Deodorizer (Oceanic) 500ml

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