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Northwest Naturals Turkey Recipe Freeze-Dried Dog Food Nuggets was developed with your pet's health, happiness and well-being in mind. This complete and balanced diet follows raw feeding principles and is the same as Northwest Naturals Raw Frozen Diet, in convenient freeze-dried form. Northwest Naturals raw food provides essential, species appropriate benefits to your pet that cooked food simply cannot compete with!

• Grain and gluten free and corn, wheat and soy free.
• No need to keep frozen - an easy way to feed raw at home or on the go when camping, traveling, etc.
• Easy to break apart - great for treats and training.
• Extremely palatable taste makes for a nutritious snack or meal for any picky pet.
• Healthy alternative to canned food for small breeds and seniors with dental issues or a preference for a wet diet (just rehydrate!).
• Crumble over your pet's kibble for natural bio-available food supplement topper.
• HPP (High Pressure Processing) effectively kills pathogens and increases food safety without nutrient-degrading heat.

Northwest Naturals Turkey Recipe Freeze-Dried Dog Food Nuggets

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